Monday, November 12, 2007

Poem of Damnation

My troubled soul put into words

Does a flower know the secrets of my sacred heart?
Does my heart know of eternal life?
Being strong makes me weak; being weak makes me falter,
What's next in life which makes me halter?
Can the stars shine a tiny light against my chest?
Make me see my pure heart being put to rest.
Sober moments of tranquility and solitude in disguise,
Face the world once more, I'll tremble and die.

The troubled soul went far to the edge of the earth,
To find waves of solitude waiting to be fetched.
Calmness and peace to the heart it sang at once,
To fetch but never to keep was the policy at rest.
Down the earth now my soul to rest in peace,
But what is left was my troubled soul waiting to be rested.
In peace, it needs, but for where can I find peace on earth?

A tombstone speaks of the life of a mortal,
But when it leaves, it stays with unfinished narrations,
Through the air the spirit flown but never seem to find,
A place of rest and solace to seek within earth and its sentiments,
But never there is a place of serene indulgence to compliments its days.
The world so topsy, it turns into red by all the guilt and treacherous deeds of transience.
Never lasting, never ending, but forever burning was the sound of bitter cries,
Never lasting, never ending, was a soulful song of love and peace,
But the ending will be greeted by death and eternity,
Just where will that soul be at the end of humanity?

Malicious gossips took pleasure in my dying heart,
Once again on a crossroad of sanity and harm...
Throw that book of my history to the ocean of blood with a stirring of darkness,
Put to rest was my deeds and my cares for children.
When the world turns, it forgets who follows with it,
When it turns, it takes all humanity down and gone with its dwellings...
I shall rest now with the message to the world whom will be led one day,
With another charismatic smile and influential speech which disguises the people they lead,
Drown the world with sorrows to the heart it kills many of humanity,
Laugh at a falling star and make it worth the speak.
Down it goes now with a thematic song and a wonderful chant of hymns,
But you'll never know as dying can turn into a wonderful gift.
Be it now your speech of wonders and of the future so bright,
Remember that speech spoken leads to death of innocence at large.
My soul to rest now that I've said everything at heart,
To the world of joy, sugar coated by darkness, it will lead to unknown damnations!

Friday, October 05, 2007

What I am Feeling Now

I drifted into a dream of unknown,
The light has my soul shattered and my heart turned into stone,
How do I express these feelings within me?
Even if I could, he wouldn't look my way anyhow.

Just yesterday my realities seemed like a dream,
Today reality hit so hard that my heart hurts deeply.
My dreams were ghostly and filled with eternal screams,
My heart aches just by the site of his face.

Close that door to my endless tears,
My fears kept closely to me all these years,
I cried my hardest when I am alone,
My dreams were kept close but my sanity afloat.

His voice just like music sang to my ears,
I never want the both of us to be together.
Catch that moment and hide it forever,
Angel, come close! Calm my soul of endless dears.

Another site, another voice, another song, another day,
I want to dance along with the tune he always play,
Bring me back to the day we first met,
Where our minds and wonders read.

As I fall asleep at night, I will be dreaming of him,
Hand in hand, heart to heart, his face resting beside mine.
Challenge the thought of us ever being together,
I don't care as our memories are ours to keep.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Let's see, it has been ages since i last posted an article on blogspot. Well, I've been giving an excuse by saying that i am not free for anymore blog entries. Well, i might think of closing down this blog of mine and just concentrate on finding themes for my blog on facebook. I guess, most of you who wants to read more of my entries would need to get a facebook account. And seriously, facebook is so much more useful than friendster. I'm still wondering, should i even quite using friendster?

Well... think i shall leave it now and face the challenges in life first before i start crapping about what's going on with my life.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Child Labour

The stability of the world starts deteriorating when it comes to generating wealth through forms of capitalist movements. With the newly globalized economy, reports see that people-trafficking has grown into an estimation of $30billion dollar global industry. It makes it easier now as there are many ways a person could make money just by participating themselves in the black market, i.e. prostitution, piracy, child labour and human trafficking. It doesn’t sound like a profession to make billions of dollars out of, but it is what is happening today in the world without finding the nearest exit to cast it all away.

I was reading an article on BBC News today and found out that a total of 2.4 million people are victims to human trafficking. It is not just done in Mexico (which was largely the case), it is done everywhere in the world. Some held confidential, and others are just known to the world as daily hearings. What is needed to be done has been brought out to the table, but who is going to implement is always stays the problem in this society.

“It often takes a tragedy to make a difference” – this I would argue to be a primitive statement which would only have a sound meaning 20 to 30 years back. We know what’s happening around us; we know what’s wrong with society and who should be responsible. We don’t need another tragedy to make a difference; we need man power to fight for the rights of what is seen to be wrong. In this case, something needs to be done in order to further challenge the law of enforcement upon child labour and forced labour. Yet again, more saying than doing is the main source of deterioration in society in terms as far as policy is concern. Most of us knowledge gainers and seekers definitely have the infrastructure and the knowledge to help, but we lack in will to do so.

In some countries, government is there for show. Non-governmental organizations are there in this world for a reason and that is to make sure influential policies are made in order to further influence government into doing what is best for the country and the society. NGOs are there to make sure eradication of illegal activities are done and that everyone has the right to be treated fairly, both financially and physically.

Amazingly, the United Nations came up with the UN Millennium Development plan which strives to exterminate poverty at the end of 2015 without any form of excuse. I do hope this will not be a ‘just dream and won’t live’ speech by the United Nations and the leaders of developing countries which had given their full participation on. For further information about what the United Nations Millennium Development Plan is, just go to and it will provide you with further information needed.

According to the BBC news on what the International Labour Organization (ILO) is doing, I do hope that the future will be bright in the years to come when children are allowed to be free from their life time bonded work and be able to arm themselves with proper education and skills which they need to help build or rebuild their countries.

Articles from the BBC Website which are relevant


Author: David Loyn (Developing World Correspondent, BBC News)

- A sight of how forced labour has been a global problem all throughout the years. It will not stop being a problem until someone reestablishes polices to conquer this problem before it goes out of hand in the mere future.


Author: Martha Buckley

- How girls in Britain are trafficked into becoming prostitutes in other countries without being able to go back to their ordinary life.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jeez, I've got Tagged!!

Great, looks like i got tagged by my very own, granddad - Timewaster Anonymous. Alrighty, here goes...

Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

1) Let's see, as weird as it sounds, I actually name all my soft toy. First, the soft toy that Zeck gave me was named Ruffus. Secondly, the teddy bear with a santa hat given by my sweetheart is Damon (a little early christmas gift). And lastly, Sebastian, a little penguin soft toy which i bought for myself (it squeeks).

2) In Australia, I was really bored one night and I named my former room's heater Dominic as I think it really is a sexy name. And guess what, he is TURNED ON 24/7... no joke! Well of course, I just need him during winter.

3) Not many people does this but I chew on ice and most of the time i have a cup full of 10 cubes of ice and chew them to the very last bit. However, I can't seem to bite into cold food, for instance, ice cream, cold fruits, or even sip on chill coke.

4) I know how many people in this world whom I come across LOVES sleep... but, I hate sleep... so i prefer not sleeping. Just because our body needs it, so yeah, i sleep at least 4 hours a day.

5) As random as I can be... it worries people!!!

6) I have this really huge crush on an Arsenal footballer - Freddie Ljunberg. If I do not get married at the age of 35, I'll make sure I propose to him - I don't care whether he has a wife and children, I just so want him to be mine!!!

Now, time to tag on 6 of my friends:
1) Syaf
2) Jeffery Ooi
3) Regina Lee
4) Sean
5) Farhah
6) Li Yen

Friday, February 09, 2007

Rape: The day when injustice lessens the voice of humanity

When nothing matters at all at the end of the day, she was left to strive for her own sanity by running away from her own government to seek refuge in Canada in searching for hope that her relatives and friends provide her with ample amount of moral support. She came face to face with injustice in her own homeland and hoping that her flight could save herself from what's next to happen.

Being in a country where injustice weighs more than humanity, women are left striving for their own sanity and seeking refuge in their own silence. Women could be considered lambs to the slaughter when rape does not count as going against humanity in a country such as Pakistan. Whether or not it is women's literacy to be blamed or the government itself, everyone deserve a hearing in the sake of equality and justice.

Attached here is an article found on CBC News website about a victim of injustice by the name Shazia Khalid. Do give your own views on a situation such as this here and hopefully it will turn out as a discussion. Bare in mind that a country could only succeed in unity only when there is the presence of justice and humanity.

*Note: Thanks to Jamie for finding this article.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Say Goodbye

I couldn't seem to get my ears away from this song. I wish there was an MTV made in order for you guys to listen to it while surfing my blog. Oh well, for those of you with suitable programmes to download music, make sure you at this to your playlist.

Title: Say Goodbye
Artist: Jordan Knight feat. Deborah Gibson

I've been so lost lately
I don't really understand baby,
I wanna talk to you
Please call

Where do i begin with you
After all that we've been through
I don't think that it would be right if we got together so suddenly

I wish that I could take back
All the things that I said
And replace them with simply
I love you instead

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try

But I only wanted you to stay
Then I let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside,
Then it really doesn't matter
What was on your mind
And if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye,
Mmm, Oh Yeah,

I think about the past baby
Why we couldn't make it last, lady
I know you still have doubts,
But, I'm gonna prove that we can work things out

I wanna be sure that you know
What you put me through
And reveal that you intend
To never let me down again

It's clear to me and I can't ignore
That i have to give you something I couldn't before

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try

But i only wanted you to stay
Then i let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside
Then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind
And if you need me let me know why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

I didn't think that we would come to this

Ooh, no
Your eyes,
Your face,
Your smile is what i miss

Why'd you wait so long to take me back

Deborah & Jordan:
It's all a simple misunderstanding

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try (Never wanna try)

But I only wanted you to stay
Then i let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside,
Then it really doesn't matter
What was on your mind
And if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

You don't wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try (But i never meant to say)

But i only wanted you to stay
Then i let you just slip away

If you didn't listen to your heart inside
(Never meant to see you cry, never meant to say)
Then it really doesn't matter what was on your mind,
And if you need me then tell me why

Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Am Home

He sat by the bed,
With a guitar in his hands,
He strummed the first note,
And started singing a familiar song.

As I stood by near looking at him play,
Listening to him as he started to sing,
The moments were sweet and the memories begin,
It then began the story of me and him.

What did he do to me?
With his music and his song,
Then came the touch and the caresses,
And then I knew I was almost home.

I’m falling fast and hard into a web of unknowns,
I don’t know him well nor do I know him much,
Somehow I knew he is mine to have,
But I am not that strong to have my heart hurt once again.

I feel protected in his arms,
Love the way his arms found its place of rest,
What is it in that strong embrace?
That made me feel as if I am almost home.

Words of wisdom from another made me feel I should let go,
But I love this world of fantasy which I am holding on,
I was once told love is a deceitful web of illusion,
But with him, I felt that I’ve been sheltered from the storm.

Alone tonight on my bed with my thoughts aside,
I couldn’t stop thinking of the song that he sang,
He made me see that love deserves a second chance,
Oh, let me be home with him in my arms after tonight!

See, now what I am trying to do,
Is to make myself love him as much as I could give,
Till the day he feels safe in my arms,
That is when both of us found a home in each others heart.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The New Year

A year has passed and I’m still reminiscing about the past each day. Everything is assumed to be different now. For me being 22 in the months to come, I should be shifting from my immature years to a decision making adult. Well, like everyone hope to be – young at heart – no matter how old I might be, I’m still being as young as heart as possible. Looking at life with an optimistic lance is what I want to do best.

So, I really couldn’t get myself to understand what’s the big fuss about New Year’s Eve. People drink; get drunk; count down; holler; and BOOM, the New Year arrives with nothing but another day which everyone has in common – air to breath, work to attend to, money to make, spouse to commit to, a family to raise and what not. Once a big deal is made when the clock strikes 12, with fireworks blasting from every corner of the city, flickers of light right across the sky… what matters most is what happens the next second after the fireworks are gone?

There I was, standing in the middle of Flinders Street Station with my head held high towards the sky. Looking at the sparkle of fireworks right before my eyes, reminiscing of what happened the year before I draw my attention towards the clock and realized it’s five past twelve. I smiled to myself and whispered Happy New Year. I did not know what to do next. I looked at my feet… ‘Time to get a new shoe; time to get a new life’. I wish for a new beginning right before my eyes’. So there I went, jumped on the 12:30am train back to Clayton. Along the way, I met a Sudanese guy by the name of Thomson. Just by chatting with him made me realized how lucky I am to be in a war-safe area. Without hesitating, I created what one call ‘friendship’ with him. A new friend made, what’s next?

Graduated with a degree in Bachelors of Communication doesn’t make me an eligible candidate for non-governmental organizations. Had been searching around and applying for various available jobs provided by NGOs, but no luck as I was turned down by 2 major organizations. What’s next?

Time does not allow its own to wait for the person chasing it. It’s either you are there or you are not allowed to get back towards the door you once stood in front of. Life’s cruel, but it is the way we learn to keep up with. We learn to keep up with time and the changes we made as well as the changes which unintentionally change us.

The New Year… what difference does it make? Wars are still fought… lives are still made… memories are left forgotten… guilt lingers among the doers. What are your resolutions that you’re so fond about? No resolutions could be made until civilization lays down its game plan.