Monday, December 16, 2013

Death of A Dream

I see you in my dreams
So clear, so pure
You sat just right next to me
Watching the sunset as it should be

I hear you speak to me
The voice crystal clear
Your head resting on my shoulders
You whispered your words right in my ears

You said you were tired
Sleep will do you good
But life has too much wonders
For you still to explore and discover

You said you were weak
You need to lie on the grass underneath the midday sun
Your heart beat quietly
Your breath slow, on tempo, all of a sudden it peaked

You asked ‘what do you think I should dream of?’
My reply, ‘I’ll never know after today.’
'But you have to have dreams for you to live the morrow,’
'For what, when you are not here to witness.’

Your eyes turned grey,
Your hair as white as snow,
You never understood my answers
Your questions never understood when asked

‘Then tomorrow may be a burden between you and me’
‘Yes it is,’ that’s the answer to be,
‘What do you feel today with me by your side?’
‘You left too soon, you are the air I can hardly breathe.’

We saw the sky turn grey,
It’s time now to say goodbye to yesterday
I looked into your eyes
A quizzical look shown on your face

‘Will you remember me?’ you asked
‘Tomorrow, yes, maybe... possibly’ I said
‘How about today?’
‘I can’t promise you, nor will I agree to say.’

You stood up and walk into the ocean
Floating in water, you dreamt of the life to come
Torn from reality and my dreams contained
I am now worried for once my love you’ll never comprehend.

Calm as the ocean, you drifted away to the horizons
Why aren’t I catching up, I never will know
All of a sudden, you stood up once again,
Turned back and looked my way.

‘Come into the ocean with me,
For our dreams will eternally be…
As I’m swept away, my dreams for you to keep
Be the gatekeeper, won’t you now, for our memories?’

Earth unfolds the miraculous being
Whether it belongs to you or me
Hidden from the earth, a soul left drifting
Darkness fold, now, where will it be heading?

It’s now my time to say goodbye
To the old feelings never to be felt at this time
As hours passed, my dreams remained kept within a part of me
As I said goodbye to the man of my eternity

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Listen my child, listen closely
The wisps are here to tell you a little story
Of the blooming flowers and the forest of glory
With the breeding ground of love and eternal beauty

The sun of warmth stay closely to the heart that holds faith
The beauty of the world at arms length from the Creator
But where is He as sanctuary is an eternal silence
The seeker of truth no longer believes in the scripture

The balance of power once stand, now disrupted
The space between heaven and earth bound to prophecy no more
Mortals roam the world freely with dire consequences
In death they will find that lies they told barricaded their souls

To peace at heart means to death we will part
With lust and greed once wounded our souls and heart
Tears of sorrow or joy means nothing to the Creator
Condemned to eternal suffering, that's all mortals could plead

Begged for kindness and forgiveness from the Maker
As tomorrow will be created in silence 
The world He makes no longer predictable as yesterday
For once, child, listen and make sense of the one true way

The Maker of peace, the cunning soul
The worldly matter attached to your wound no one should know
Unkind truth, unspoken within your heart
When the time comes, child, no one will know your mortal scars.

Darkness falls upon the earth
It swallowed its heart, its breath no longer there
Spirits reunited not one
But the Devil called upon his only son

The human race wiped off the earth in one swish
Goodbye were the days of passion and embrace
Without the knowledge, power is just a word unsung
His Grace comes to earth to witness the naked faith

Fallen angels once pure at heart
Now contaminated with sin at sight
The laughter of His voice made the angels dark as night
His voice alluring pure souls into weakness

Tragedy now His sanctuary
The earth no longer know its maker
The voice of the Devil now heard from afar
Coming closer, no longer can one tame a beast

Colder and colder as the day turns to night
Farther and father, His children moved to the edge of fright
Knees on the ground while Psalms are sung
A little too late, He has heard the prayers unsung

The darkest night, the gloomiest of days
When stormy weather came, it took the children's prayers far away
The truth kept on the far side of the earth
The wishes bound to treachery now heeded

The souls tormented, punishment enhanced
The forest now darken with the souls unforgiven
To light the souls floated but perished within balls of flames
The light now gone, eternity is never to be claimed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time passes and a person changes its path a thousand times
To a million places he tried to find the meaning of life
To a place now familiar with the passion of the deepest meanings
There is where he found peace to himself, his soul so alive

To the end of the earth his true love lies
The meaning of live so strange to him at times
Walking through the moments of pure isolation
He found his way to a secret place call tranquility at its best

Remembered when the time he tried to say goodbye
Through the crowd, his love aside
He whispered to the wind, the moment lost his trust
Precious moments never once found even though he tried

Through the pain, the sufferings bid him well
He now lies in the sea of hope when tomorrow arrives
Bed of flowers was his favourite resting ground
As he sees the sun sets and rise to the end of time.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Life is not coming back to me
It’s gone now, tomorrow is where I’ll need to believe
Life is tremendous but out of reach
Calm as the sea, my soul to rest but not by me

The sacrifice I made, tarnished
Held on to my life was my dignity and pride
Cause of pain truly was unfortunate
But that leaves me room to learn from my mistakes

Never would have thought my eyes can see the tardiness of happiness
Till it’s here, now it’s too late to salvage its kindness
Once treated as being cruel, mistake written in stone
Non erasable is the tarnished I felt, and the heartache inflicted

Come to me now the light through the darkness
Help me see, help me salvage my pride
Through the horizon there will always be a place of happiness
Reach it, I shall with the help of true benevolence

Time will never tell when my destiny will arrive
No distance will tell how far my faith initiates
Bottomless pit was how my dignity felt through the days of enragement
But will tomorrow show the path of righteousness? Who will truly know?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Lady that can’t be moved

She walked into the room as bright as day

Unknown to the world is her darkness kept within
Her thoughts shined through, her corruptions unknown
Just a light that made everyone calm to her sight and her sound 

Anger hidden between her eye lids
The answers known at her finger tips
Who is this lady hidden behind a smile
What will her name be? What will she be able to tell? 

As she glides through the crowd
Not giving a piece of her history to anyone around
Suspicious, mysterious, the like but never vivacious  
Behind that masks of laughter was another ones falter 

As the world around her fades
She descends into a pool of darkness
Fading was the smile, her sound of sweetness
Laughter fades, tension rises, but her eyes was still mesmerising 

She’s everyone, everyone fearful of her being to come
She’s nobody, but yet someone speak of her like a familiar sound
She’s somebody’s child, she was born without perfection
Now she stands on earth to her own satisfaction 

Who is this lady who cannot be moved?
She never moves to the rhythm of the earth
Never moves to the sound of the wind
Battling her scars without a moment to heal 

Who is this lady who cannot be allured?
Not away from her stance so firm
Not away from her thoughts so fragile
But there she stands battling her will to survive 

Who is this lady who cannot be told?
Of the stories her past revealed before her
Of the seasons passed without a sign of her breathless tears
But there she keeps fighting, her victory at sight 

This lady before the world cannot be moved
She cannot be swayed
Pass her troubles; there is always her smile at bay
This is her story without an ending.