Monday, September 29, 2014

Goodnight Doesn't Mean Goodbye

Just one night, I asked
But you walked away leaving me behind
What went wrong, I never dared to ask
All I know you were never once present

We were lovers underneath the stars that night
The next, it was all gone, you came rushing pass
I came up to you to find the truth of what was held back yesterday
You said you never knew what went wrong, what we meant today

The moment you say you want me back
I never knew how I meant to take it
The moment you pushed me away again
I thought it is now or never, I should leave and say goodbye

Goodnight doesn’t mean goodbye
Sad but true
I asked you once again how you felt about tonight
You said you will now whisper the words goodnight

But you said goodnight doesn’t mean goodbye
Why then did you not come back to me in the morrow?
You winked and say you’ll see me tomorrow once and again
But goodnight did meant forever goodbye