Friday, September 22, 2006


I truthfully need someone badly whom i can talk sense with. I need someone whom i can just sit down with for hours and hours just deliberating on a certain issue of interest. At the mean time, i have only two person, the person whom i'm dating and someone i recently met online who's currently working in Clayton. I'm glad arguments are always built from there and it tends to snowball it down to the next day.

This is the time when i start missing Mickey, Zeck, Yasir, Eva, Sze Hsiong, Jing Huai, Eddie G, Fikri and Narin. I want them to be close to me, to have me speak of my experiences and observations. To deliberate further on issues they are facing as well as what i'm facing. I'm surrounded with shallow people - people who only talks about booze, party, clubs and more booze. People who drinks and dance in search for happiness as they see life as a dull adventure to live with. I dream to have someone educate me with their own philosophy of life and not just through text books. I don't need someone to regurgitate what they learn in books similar to the ones needed in Uni. I want someone to educate me with their life experiences - in other words, someone who can constantly advice me to take the right path of life by taking their experiences as a mistake in need for corrections.

I want my life back (a deliberative one)... i want to sit at a corner reading till the break of dawn. I want to be able to make sense of this life and let every loneliness of every hour to be part of an indepth searching time. I'm definately traveling around Australia in search of my long forgotten interest and in hope for searching a new hobby.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


The nicest things in life is to have a wonderful picture taken down and make it tell you stories which you have never heard in life. As a saying goes 'a picture says a thousand words', but, how could we interpret the message spoken to us? That's the beauty of pictures, it never fails to make one's mind think of what a picture, a photograph or a painting portrays. An art is never dead, an art is never silly and, most importantly, an art gives way to various interpretations and there should be no right or wrong.

I found this website amazing and the artist's really talented. Hope that you'll enjoy it as much as i did. Each photography has its story to tell... what does it remind you of?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Lame Pick Up Line

Fikri... i know you are going to like my lameless in this pick up line that i've created.

Lame pick up line: Hi, do you love mushrooms? Lets get a room and get mushy!

You have to agree that it's a classic!!!!