Sunday, September 28, 2008


Unspoken dreams died through the theory within my mind,
Counting stars made easier for the bloom of evil night,
Tranquillity of my mind blemished with sorrow,
Let it be that tomorrow fall apart in treacherous will.

Condemn was once my soul for an angel to keep,
Evil within brought hunger for lust, not love.
Count the days now child, when will that be?
Till you meet eye to eye with the devil within.

Philosophy once told by the living soul,
Now where does it stand with the theory, oh behold!
Fear kept the dawn far upon its sunlight may bloom,
As blatant as a myth, loneliness justifies the sorrow of the night.

When thousand needles pierce through the joy once held together,
What was once whole, now shattered, torn and tormented.
Can it be that lies give birth to the new beginning of a forming truth?
Can reality take its toll in the world where evil never relinquish to unfold.