Saturday, January 15, 2011

My heart craved for the time to let go
To a place unseen or unheard of
Opportunity awaits to see it being deserted
What for? I asked over and over.

A tragedy within a sane mind, oh how much it hurts
Through the pain came kindness but then it went away
How does one cope with the brutal betrayal of kindness?
Why does one even hope for a light at the end of the tunnel?

My judgement forsaken me, brought me to an endless qualm
Of endless nights, late mornings, and a sacred sanctuary
My doubt lies in the soul of a creation now destroyed
Give me back my freedom, oh I beg thee, give me back my soul

As I cry my heart out, show me mercy for tomorrow's coming
Tragedy end, please make me see the sun shinning
My heart sore bearing moments of equivocal uncertainty
Lay my heart to rest, oh please let it be...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


My life is full of painted pictures of different scenes
Waiting for him to choose a picture he wants to be in
Chosen a picture of a distant character unknown
Begin the life of us which was terrible to follow

The functionality of my grace unheard of
Pierce the very corners of his guarded soul
For centuries untold was the creation of the picture
Now it fell in his hands in rapid rapture

The distance kept was never forseen as sincere
Through rough moments, dishonesty became its narrator
Hence the moment of unwilling circumstances
Causes the heartache of unworthy moments

Jumble the thoughts of a momentary rough story
As fate came searching for a torturous wound left forgotten
Could it be best if this story is left forgotten?
Or is this picture telling a thousand words that should never be heard?

Chosen picture unveiled for the soul to be touched
Torture for days was the soul seeking for its rights in his heart
Belonging was a moment too soon for the scatchy painting
Tomorrow shows its blues for the world to see its failings

Connect the scenery and unfold is the picture of tomorrow
Constrast to his heart the picture told of lives revolving his trust
Can he see that its never left the scenery where it began?
Can he see that with touches of memorable moments will review its secrets once again...