Monday, September 29, 2014

Goodnight Doesn't Mean Goodbye

Just one night, I asked
But you walked away leaving me behind
What went wrong, I never dared to ask
All I know you were never once present

We were lovers underneath the stars that night
The next, it was all gone, you came rushing pass
I came up to you to find the truth of what was held back yesterday
You said you never knew what went wrong, what we meant today

The moment you say you want me back
I never knew how I meant to take it
The moment you pushed me away again
I thought it is now or never, I should leave and say goodbye

Goodnight doesn’t mean goodbye
Sad but true
I asked you once again how you felt about tonight
You said you will now whisper the words goodnight

But you said goodnight doesn’t mean goodbye
Why then did you not come back to me in the morrow?
You winked and say you’ll see me tomorrow once and again
But goodnight did meant forever goodbye

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sometimes I feel the days are hanging for something to happen
For the moments to blossom
For the darkness to fade away
To remember, to forget, to hold what is true to one's heart

Keeping time, trying to not let it slip away
Living in the moment, what's felt can be hurtful someday
Pieces of yesterday bites harder today
But when tomorrow comes, i'll be happier once again

Feels like tomorrow needs to be in the present for some reason
Can't it stay seperate from yesterday and never to come again?
I want to feel what today brings without the hang over tomorrow
Can today be the story I tell tomorrow about yesterday?

Time has its challenges, the happenings do not fade away
What tomorrow holds begin at it is today
Little by little as time passes by so quickly
My trueself faces together with my story of yesterday

With moments passed into the next hour
What happens then; what happens to the moments ago?
Were they forgotten, or kept in a sacred place?
Can I recall them - those memories once lived in the present?

Capture moments to remember and lock them somewhere safe
Somewhere within the memories, don't let them all escape
What if I forget the moments, what if I could never remember them?
What if it goes back being trapped in yesterday with no living in tomorrow?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Falling to Pieces

The dearest moments are the ones left forgotten
Went through the sequence of my story of rememberance
Through the context of the pages of my life I once agreed on
Can words disappear from ones life so suddenly?
Can memories not create a life worth living?
No, now why can't I write the story of my life?
My experience of life once on paper, shambled from its rights
Why would music stop playing in my world?
Why would beauty stopped at a distance? 
My mind clouded from doings of yesterday.
My voice could not sing the melody of kindness and grace no longer
Two steps ahead, forward once, now two steps back
That's how my head feels every moment of the day
This bluriness of the rights to my life,
I couldn't tell which came to sight, which lingered away...
They say the human mind is a complicated place to be in
I mingled around with my shadows in the world without its tempo
The first light now gone, I couldn't find its emotions.
Once again I feel my world is just lost without the heart beat of another
How should I exist?
Would the existance of others complement the world around me?
What if my heart and soul is a lonely island on its own?
Without the need to float on emotions and intelligence of every human being I know...
I am the soul seeker, the eternal burden of my life alone
I am the reaper of my own supplies of beauty and darkness around
I am the giver of every breath I need to survive in this forsaken island
I am the believer in every dreams, in ever day, in ever moment I created
I am falling into pieces without the chance for redemption.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 'Other'

The peace in me left with no mercy
Leaving me in chains without a memory worth holding
Troubled times ahead, how am I to face it?
When happiness is earned, a sacrifice needs to be made.

To no return will I come to a place I could call home
I've tried in many conditions worthless to what I could call my own
Neglected my morals, a tough experience learnt
Doesn't mean I know what's next to enter

Sorrow, another emotion felt liberally by my soul
Earned its place in a dark tunnel, leading to a mysterious land
Will it lead to a morrow?
Will it lead to what is mine to borrow?

Strangers meet; staying is an option kept a secret
A journey together does not mean a memory kept forever
Both worlds apart, charms spoke a language different from the heart
Can it be true - I chose a path which I have been down many many times before? 

Seasons fade, they return with many new beginnings,
Endings of a season is for one to make it worth cherishing,
Make a life that's worth, but never to be shared with another being,
Can that be happiness for a life without the existence of the 'other'?

I learnt to cherish moments, but never to comprehend them,
It seems like a better way to enjoy new beginnings without endings,
Can lies be truths or truths be lies untold by the 'other'?
How would I ever know as an attempt to comprehend is frowned upon so dearly?

Tomorrow will be a journey which stands forgotten
It will never take a step to a new chapter
Sitting in darkness and pondering its path,
Will I see the site of brightness existing in this tunnel?

Life is a book filled with blank pages
Each page is written by a narrator known as the 'self',
My 'self' is involved in many new beginnings where journeys fade in a blur,
Whether it's with the 'other', can it now be deemed important?

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Whisperer

I once knew a girl who grew up in the meadows
She thinks of life with a mind of a child never to grow up
Her views were beautiful where gardens bloom and birds chirped
Nothing else came to the unpolluted mind of this little girl

Then life came to grow on her
She loves every beauty and every darkness the world contains
Her views matured, no longer innocent before anyone's eyes
What happened? I asked looking at her in distraught

Come to bloom, the flowers no longer
Come to chirp, the birds hidden from the forrest
Gone is the beauty this little girl knew
Gone is the view so innocent and pure

Today she'll learn the truth; her first beginning
Today she'll learn speeches unheard of at birth
She'll learn a way to cheat through life
She'll learn to compromise the beauty for her yearnings in site

She does not know what it is that makes her mind open and close
The sound of ancient prophecy never read or heard
Beyond the blue skies she believed there was a person waiting
Whether it be of family, of friend, or of foe, she wanted to know

Walking in the shadows of a lonely friend
Caught her interest when she once befriended a whispering voice
A voice so kind, yet whispers beyond the shadows
Never once came dawn will the voice be heard again

Dwell in the darkness this innocent girl befriended the whisperer
Unknown to the light, darkness drowned her innocence
The whisperer must have cast a spell on her beautiful soul
Fight she must, or she'll never learn to let the darkness go

She read the mind of the whisperer 
Knowing nothing will come good of it
She found a way out of the dark forrest
But the road is forever winding with no signs ahead

Determined to fight her way through one step at a time
The path so clear to her, she need only to follow the path illuminated
Granted three wishes, she only needed one
She wished to cast the whisperer back into the dying swamp

The little girl from the meadow has broken free from its captor
She breathes the air so familiar to her
She smells the blossom of flowers and the moisture of the morning
She kept walking ahead, never dare to turn back.

The whisperer still hides, lingering in the shadows of the little girl
Surrounding her with thoughts of the path once embarked on
The little girl is stronger in mind and spirit than ever before
She turned her head one last time and said 'be gone! Forever be gone!'

Defeated the whisperer, shunned back into its corner
The little girl deserved light to eternal darkness
'I now know my destiny ahead!' she cried out proud
No longer will she allow the whisperer to conform her fragile heart