Thursday, February 27, 2014

The 'Other'

The peace in me left with no mercy
Leaving me in chains without a memory worth holding
Troubled times ahead, how am I to face it?
When happiness is earned, a sacrifice needs to be made.

To no return will I come to a place I could call home
I've tried in many conditions worthless to what I could call my own
Neglected my morals, a tough experience learnt
Doesn't mean I know what's next to enter

Sorrow, another emotion felt liberally by my soul
Earned its place in a dark tunnel, leading to a mysterious land
Will it lead to a morrow?
Will it lead to what is mine to borrow?

Strangers meet; staying is an option kept a secret
A journey together does not mean a memory kept forever
Both worlds apart, charms spoke a language different from the heart
Can it be true - I chose a path which I have been down many many times before? 

Seasons fade, they return with many new beginnings,
Endings of a season is for one to make it worth cherishing,
Make a life that's worth, but never to be shared with another being,
Can that be happiness for a life without the existence of the 'other'?

I learnt to cherish moments, but never to comprehend them,
It seems like a better way to enjoy new beginnings without endings,
Can lies be truths or truths be lies untold by the 'other'?
How would I ever know as an attempt to comprehend is frowned upon so dearly?

Tomorrow will be a journey which stands forgotten
It will never take a step to a new chapter
Sitting in darkness and pondering its path,
Will I see the site of brightness existing in this tunnel?

Life is a book filled with blank pages
Each page is written by a narrator known as the 'self',
My 'self' is involved in many new beginnings where journeys fade in a blur,
Whether it's with the 'other', can it now be deemed important?

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