Monday, November 12, 2007

Poem of Damnation

My troubled soul put into words

Does a flower know the secrets of my sacred heart?
Does my heart know of eternal life?
Being strong makes me weak; being weak makes me falter,
What's next in life which makes me halter?
Can the stars shine a tiny light against my chest?
Make me see my pure heart being put to rest.
Sober moments of tranquility and solitude in disguise,
Face the world once more, I'll tremble and die.

The troubled soul went far to the edge of the earth,
To find waves of solitude waiting to be fetched.
Calmness and peace to the heart it sang at once,
To fetch but never to keep was the policy at rest.
Down the earth now my soul to rest in peace,
But what is left was my troubled soul waiting to be rested.
In peace, it needs, but for where can I find peace on earth?

A tombstone speaks of the life of a mortal,
But when it leaves, it stays with unfinished narrations,
Through the air the spirit flown but never seem to find,
A place of rest and solace to seek within earth and its sentiments,
But never there is a place of serene indulgence to compliments its days.
The world so topsy, it turns into red by all the guilt and treacherous deeds of transience.
Never lasting, never ending, but forever burning was the sound of bitter cries,
Never lasting, never ending, was a soulful song of love and peace,
But the ending will be greeted by death and eternity,
Just where will that soul be at the end of humanity?

Malicious gossips took pleasure in my dying heart,
Once again on a crossroad of sanity and harm...
Throw that book of my history to the ocean of blood with a stirring of darkness,
Put to rest was my deeds and my cares for children.
When the world turns, it forgets who follows with it,
When it turns, it takes all humanity down and gone with its dwellings...
I shall rest now with the message to the world whom will be led one day,
With another charismatic smile and influential speech which disguises the people they lead,
Drown the world with sorrows to the heart it kills many of humanity,
Laugh at a falling star and make it worth the speak.
Down it goes now with a thematic song and a wonderful chant of hymns,
But you'll never know as dying can turn into a wonderful gift.
Be it now your speech of wonders and of the future so bright,
Remember that speech spoken leads to death of innocence at large.
My soul to rest now that I've said everything at heart,
To the world of joy, sugar coated by darkness, it will lead to unknown damnations!