Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creation started the sight for goodbyes,
Tomorrow within was the fight of fright,
Justified was the moment of falsehood, never the truth,
Counsel the foreign soul but what's the point in the matter?

Just tomorrow the human race begins its struggles,
Paradise alone never shown to the face of the earth,
Screaming in pain were souls waiting to be set free,
Will the sun shines its ray of light to the freedom insight?

For the sake of being, will you turn upwards for survival?
For tomorrow's breath will be the breath for revival.
Could it be that, eye to eye we see the true nature of hatred?
And now our being will question the matter of creation.

For fairness, it screamed to be left alone,
For creation, once bound to be forgotten,
Tears of momenta scrutinised its very beginnings,
As the end is now so clear to be seen.