Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Am Home

He sat by the bed,
With a guitar in his hands,
He strummed the first note,
And started singing a familiar song.

As I stood by near looking at him play,
Listening to him as he started to sing,
The moments were sweet and the memories begin,
It then began the story of me and him.

What did he do to me?
With his music and his song,
Then came the touch and the caresses,
And then I knew I was almost home.

I’m falling fast and hard into a web of unknowns,
I don’t know him well nor do I know him much,
Somehow I knew he is mine to have,
But I am not that strong to have my heart hurt once again.

I feel protected in his arms,
Love the way his arms found its place of rest,
What is it in that strong embrace?
That made me feel as if I am almost home.

Words of wisdom from another made me feel I should let go,
But I love this world of fantasy which I am holding on,
I was once told love is a deceitful web of illusion,
But with him, I felt that I’ve been sheltered from the storm.

Alone tonight on my bed with my thoughts aside,
I couldn’t stop thinking of the song that he sang,
He made me see that love deserves a second chance,
Oh, let me be home with him in my arms after tonight!

See, now what I am trying to do,
Is to make myself love him as much as I could give,
Till the day he feels safe in my arms,
That is when both of us found a home in each others heart.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The New Year

A year has passed and I’m still reminiscing about the past each day. Everything is assumed to be different now. For me being 22 in the months to come, I should be shifting from my immature years to a decision making adult. Well, like everyone hope to be – young at heart – no matter how old I might be, I’m still being as young as heart as possible. Looking at life with an optimistic lance is what I want to do best.

So, I really couldn’t get myself to understand what’s the big fuss about New Year’s Eve. People drink; get drunk; count down; holler; and BOOM, the New Year arrives with nothing but another day which everyone has in common – air to breath, work to attend to, money to make, spouse to commit to, a family to raise and what not. Once a big deal is made when the clock strikes 12, with fireworks blasting from every corner of the city, flickers of light right across the sky… what matters most is what happens the next second after the fireworks are gone?

There I was, standing in the middle of Flinders Street Station with my head held high towards the sky. Looking at the sparkle of fireworks right before my eyes, reminiscing of what happened the year before I draw my attention towards the clock and realized it’s five past twelve. I smiled to myself and whispered Happy New Year. I did not know what to do next. I looked at my feet… ‘Time to get a new shoe; time to get a new life’. I wish for a new beginning right before my eyes’. So there I went, jumped on the 12:30am train back to Clayton. Along the way, I met a Sudanese guy by the name of Thomson. Just by chatting with him made me realized how lucky I am to be in a war-safe area. Without hesitating, I created what one call ‘friendship’ with him. A new friend made, what’s next?

Graduated with a degree in Bachelors of Communication doesn’t make me an eligible candidate for non-governmental organizations. Had been searching around and applying for various available jobs provided by NGOs, but no luck as I was turned down by 2 major organizations. What’s next?

Time does not allow its own to wait for the person chasing it. It’s either you are there or you are not allowed to get back towards the door you once stood in front of. Life’s cruel, but it is the way we learn to keep up with. We learn to keep up with time and the changes we made as well as the changes which unintentionally change us.

The New Year… what difference does it make? Wars are still fought… lives are still made… memories are left forgotten… guilt lingers among the doers. What are your resolutions that you’re so fond about? No resolutions could be made until civilization lays down its game plan.