Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Just as the town said goodbye,
I turned to the other side,
Saw your face just in time,
Not a sound you made,
But a lonely cry.

I walked my way back to the start,
No I can’t,
Impossible as now it sounds,
But true to heart,
Never once I left a single word before goodbye.

The town I left behind.
Could it be no one’s alive by the time I got around?
It’s quite now inside,
I failed to see the weakness in this town.

So much for the memories of this town,
It seems I lost my favorite spot,
No need to look back,
As now everything is lost.
I want back my town,
My love,
My forever…

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Laptop's Gone!

I would like to write another episode of dumb drivers on the road and i was just thinking to myself, "hey, if i do, most of us will get insulted as we are dumb drivers in one way or another". Well, but this does not stop me from saying that Malaysian drivers need to work on their driving habits and hopefully that they know the simple rules before driving on the road.

Robbery and theft are on the rise now. I guess it's because of the christmas season where most Malaysians are getting their handsome payments and are obvious targets to many of the robbers and theives out there. My uncle was a victim of theft the other day when he was in Taman Tun. Today, my aunt's house was broken into and my laptop has been stolen. It's pretty horrendous to know that robbery and thefts are part and parcel of the Malaysian culture. Scary as it seems but it's just life and it does go on whether or not it's an acceptable deed.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Reminiscence is bliss

There are many things holding me back. Nothing… no memories I wish to let go at the moment. Every experienced that I’ve lived through from the days of my college years till the time I work, nothing… absolutely nothing that I wish to forget. Maybe some burden memories or two, but the others, there are just too many, are just pure sweetness and enjoyment.

Note: I’ll be flying off to Australia soon.

It’s a little disturbing to know what I’ll miss when I’m gone.

Zeck: My most lovable, special one who has and will still be there for me even though the distance between us will be much more wider for the months or even years to come. However, assurance could be made that my love will never fade.

Eddie: I seriously miss you being in my car and also the times we spent talking to each other about you-know-what. However, we have not been doing that that often now. I was so glad you agreed to come watch Harry Potter with Zeck and I.

Fikri: The King of Lame has somehow never fail to brighten up my day every morning/afternoon/ even at night. Will miss all the lame jokes you’ve made, and keep most of them in heart and, hopefully, will never forget them.
(Just want to thank you for inviting me to your open house, and I’m really sorry, again, that I couldn’t make it. Guess what, among my Malay friends, you are the first who actually called to invite me to your open house. Thank you so much, I really do feel appreciated.)

Eva: My most in need friend, always on the demand. Happy to have gotten close to you after a semester of trying to get to know each other and 3 semester for being stuck in the same, stuffy lecture hall. It is great hanging out with you, especially when Zeck, Yasir and Ayushna are there to bitch endlessly (okay, it’s a bit too much to use that word, but what the hack… that’s what we do most of the time!).
(It’s the first time being invited to a birthday party… again, I feel very appreciated. However, sad to say that I won’t be there and hope that you’ll have a great birthday! But, I will make it up to you, don’t you fret!)

Kel Li: My sweetheart. It has been great getting to know you better after the Penang trip and YES! I still want to go on a vacation like the good old times. This time, hopefully we can stay a little longer (1 week). Hopefully you’ll be able to come to Aussie soon and there will be much bonding!

Simon: Thanks for being there whenever I want someone to talk to. However, it has been long since we last have a thorough conversation about God. Call me and fill me in about what you’ve find out further about the Bible. I would so love to listen!

Will I ever get to embrace life in Australia when life here is so fulfilling and that leaving it somehow seem so difficult all of a sudden. Firstly, I was so eager to take the next step into a life that I will soon embrace, and the past that I will soon try not to forget. However, memories just tails from behind, and now, it is side by side as I stand. I want to smile at those memories and put them in heart and mind, but besides of smiling, I ended up crying. I cried because I know, after another 2 months, I’ll have to say goodbye to what is now and look forward to what’s next. Some may think I’m being silly, but it’s hard to let go of something that was once yours and now, they are just memories for you to dwell on and hopefully that there will come a day, with God’s approval, that I can live through my memories once again.

Life in Monash wasn’t easy, nor was it tough. There were some stressful moments; happy moments; agonizing moments, and enjoyment. Whatever it is, it just kept me going and it mold me into a better person. From a person from a little town right to the North of KL, to a city girl who acknowledge the fact of being book-smart is never enough; from a person who does not have many friends, to someone who cherished every moment available to be together with a bunch of people who share common interests; from someone who thought that love was just an illusion that never existed in life, but ended up falling for someone lovable and passionate and lastly, from someone who thinks that life is all about looking at the four walls somehow just came out of that conservative space and into the world of busy streets, endless chatters and just have a leisurely walk in a park with a friend or enjoying lunch in a mall.

There are just so much I want to write down as I sat here, near the window that I truly love looking out towards an old tree where orangey-yellowish flower blossoms, I’m just reminiscing back when I first came into Monash. An amateur who doesn’t even know Chillies, T.G.I Fridays, or even Italianis existed till the day I step foot into Monash. It may seem humorous, but I’m serious. Wherever the wind may take me, all I know is, it will never blow my memories away!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

EXP: Kampung Chang Lama

I wanted so much to write about my experience in Kampung Chang Lama (Orang Asli Village in Bidor), but, i couldn't find much time as i'm working in the morning and fast asleep during the evening. Well, since that my supervisor is not here to take a peak on what i'm doing, so i guess i'll just take this golden apportunity to write a thing or two.

Well, it has been a really great experience for me and i thank Sze Ning for going through all the trouble to get us there for a visit.

I guess every single detail has been jotted down by Aaron in his blog ( Well, as i've said earlier on, it has been a great experience and i guess words wouldn't express how much i feel for the village. Just imagine living in a place where cold water is all you get when you want a bath and the rumah adat will be your only choice of accomodation. I must say that i love it there... being someone who truly adores nature, i love the sounds of insects coming out to play at night, and on early mornings, you'll hear the chickens crow as a wake up call at around 5.30 in the morning, then at 6.30 again. You'll never have the chance to hear this in the city. Well, maybe when you are staying near to a kampung.

Something strange happened at night at around 2.30am. According to Rieta, a presence was around the area and she heard dogs howling. I guess many of us heard it. I was freezing and i couldn't sleep the whole night because of the lingery presence which i know of and also my nose was giving me problems. Well, i guess what led to the mysterious presence was when we were shooting a 'pontianak' film in the lavatory. Even though the film was pretty hilarious to most of us, but it is a serious problem for the villagers. Now, we are just thinking whether to proceed with the film or just leave it as it is without editing or making it into a film. In my opinion, i guess we must need the villagers consent in order to edit this as we wouldn't want to step in anyone's tail and having ourselves breathing in the air of hostilities when we were to return to the village.

Personally, i do not believe in such things as a lingery presence, but, after the experience i came across while sleeping in the rumah adat, somehow i believe that some beliefs must be respected even though you don't believe in it. Oh well, i guess this is pretty much what i've been through and seriously, it was an amazing trip and a trip to be remembered. When i depart to Australia next year, i would love to have the chance to visit the Aboriginals in Australia and again, get to experience the way of life of the Aborigines.