Saturday, August 12, 2006

Righteous Path

After listening to the sufferings that my brother is going through, i just wish i could get on the next flight and go home to be with him, to be his supporter and his strength. It's hard to leave him to his own transition period and not being able to hear him speak of his concerns and sufferings. I wish him all the best in changing his path and learning the way to become a respectable person and also learning to true meaning of self-righteousness.

He looked at himself in the mirror,
Afraid of his own reflection,
The wild beast unfolded won over his own determination,
He fought his fears but failed to the world of evilness.

Tell him, someone, please tell him,
What’s right or wrong as he needs to know,
No longer does he stand understanding the works of righteousness,
But the devil in him showed him the path of evil doings and eternal sufferings.

Stood from a distance,
He knew something was not right,
He knew he needed to change in order to earn his sanity,
He needed to learn the truth of life in order to embrace eternity.

The journey of life which he suffered,
Blinded him from the truth of ‘love’,
The desires of anger blinded him from happiness,
Sadness lingered in his world with an urge for salvation.

Passive thoughts drowning his righteous judgment,
Never once did he listen to the voice of concernment,
He allowed the devil to mislead from where he wants to be,
Never to walk on the path of right deeds and doings.

An angel called to him one fateful night,
To turn back his ways and never look back,
Tomorrow shows of precious moments and happiness,
It’s the history of the past that should be burnt from his heart.

Down the line he saw a light,
A light which shined through his darkest hour,
With the voice of an angel telling him to learn,
To learn how to live a life he wanted for the longest time.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thought of the Day

Favorite quote: Friends are part of your imagination, true friends shine through that barrier and resolve in basic reality and leaves your imaginations unfold.

I do not even know who my allies are and you are asking me who are my friends?

My Philosophy of Freedom

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles. – Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Time and time again, I’ve asked myself the question of ‘ultimate freedom’. Freedom, the word that only exists in one’s mind but never fully comprehend the meaning or definition to that very word.

Time and time again I tried finding a way to explain my philosophy of ‘freedom’ but ended up being misunderstood. Freedom to me doesn’t exist the way I thought it will exist. Freedom to me is an illusion that needs to be lived within.

I tried hard never to use the word ‘freedom’ liberally in my everyday conversation. Liberality and freedom are two very different words and both hold ultimate meanings which one can only comprehend after experiencing them. You may not like my way of defining both terms, but I hold liable to my own opinions.

Liberality, to me, is the ability to choose what one can, should, would, can’t, shouldn’t or wouldn’t do. Freedom, to me, is something where one can only earn it when one’s heart has stopped beating, mind has ceased to think, soul has been taken away from the body, and spirit has left the body for eternity. Freedom, then, comes with no consequences; no guilt; no obstacles; no choices; and with no directions.

We hold on to various grudges in life in order to understand how feelings are generated through good and bad experiences. The malicious attitude we hold in order to see our own happiness in the eyes of the one we wish to hurt. One can argue that it is the freedom of the mind, body and soul to feel that way. Well, we always have the choice to either be malicious in everyway or just be genuine. Now, how can that be free? We are obliged to a universal rule, which is the rule of choice. When we are obliged to a certain rule, freedom doesn’t come into play then. We might have the ‘freedom’ to choose, but again, we are chained with choices of either… or. My point is that besides of using the word ‘freedom’, I choose to use the word ‘liberation’.

We need to conform ourselves to various ‘rule’ in life. The ‘rule’ of how to live life; the ‘rule’ of how to think, learn and educate; the ‘rule’ of how to differentiate between right and wrong; and the ‘rule’ of choosing the ones of the right than of the wrong. We are never free from the life of changes; of choices; of conformation; and of subjection. It’s a life cycle process where one can never escape the fundamentals of it. I might say, we have the liberation to choose the way we want to live or consume various discourses but never free from the ‘rule of choice’.

{Try getting out to an open field, sleep on the grass and make sure you are in an immobile position for as long as you want. Whatever you do, do not think. Keep a blank mind. All you are allowed to do is to inhale and exhale… now you get to enjoy the moment of being free}

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The color of his eyes,
Told me the sadness he’s still keeping inside.
He denied reality before him,
And couldn’t put his fantasies aside.

He fought war for freedom of his own soul,
He bare with temptation to fend off his foes.
He came back from sea to be able to love again,
But found himself in a fairy tale all over again.

Believing that love was the answer in search for freedom,
What was once beautiful has now became rotten,
A smile which portrayed meaning of unconditional love,
Conditional as it could get,
Love serves no purpose on earth.

He believes true love was always the answer,
He believes freedom was at the edge of every war.
What he believed now shattered before him,
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
When tomorrow comes, it would be a memory at its last.

Everything he needed became an illusion,
Everything that he wanted has become conditional.
What he needs was his life back and his love waiting,
But all he sees was his tomorrow has forsaken his eternity.