Saturday, August 24, 2013

Listen my child, listen closely
The wisps are here to tell you a little story
Of the blooming flowers and the forest of glory
With the breeding ground of love and eternal beauty

The sun of warmth stay closely to the heart that holds faith
The beauty of the world at arms length from the Creator
But where is He as sanctuary is an eternal silence
The seeker of truth no longer believes in the scripture

The balance of power once stand, now disrupted
The space between heaven and earth bound to prophecy no more
Mortals roam the world freely with dire consequences
In death they will find that lies they told barricaded their souls

To peace at heart means to death we will part
With lust and greed once wounded our souls and heart
Tears of sorrow or joy means nothing to the Creator
Condemned to eternal suffering, that's all mortals could plead

Begged for kindness and forgiveness from the Maker
As tomorrow will be created in silence 
The world He makes no longer predictable as yesterday
For once, child, listen and make sense of the one true way

The Maker of peace, the cunning soul
The worldly matter attached to your wound no one should know
Unkind truth, unspoken within your heart
When the time comes, child, no one will know your mortal scars.

Darkness falls upon the earth
It swallowed its heart, its breath no longer there
Spirits reunited not one
But the Devil called upon his only son

The human race wiped off the earth in one swish
Goodbye were the days of passion and embrace
Without the knowledge, power is just a word unsung
His Grace comes to earth to witness the naked faith

Fallen angels once pure at heart
Now contaminated with sin at sight
The laughter of His voice made the angels dark as night
His voice alluring pure souls into weakness

Tragedy now His sanctuary
The earth no longer know its maker
The voice of the Devil now heard from afar
Coming closer, no longer can one tame a beast

Colder and colder as the day turns to night
Farther and father, His children moved to the edge of fright
Knees on the ground while Psalms are sung
A little too late, He has heard the prayers unsung

The darkest night, the gloomiest of days
When stormy weather came, it took the children's prayers far away
The truth kept on the far side of the earth
The wishes bound to treachery now heeded

The souls tormented, punishment enhanced
The forest now darken with the souls unforgiven
To light the souls floated but perished within balls of flames
The light now gone, eternity is never to be claimed.