Saturday, January 16, 2010

I seek therefore I found,
The truth lies between the darkest of site,
For once I saw the being I learnt to loathe,
Was beautiful but can never comprehend the very existence of thoughts.
For nights I listen to the sounds of ancient sermons,
For once I feel the soul baring a moment of endurance,
Truth be told but lost in translation,
Where do you go whenever the sign turn towards your forgotten moments?

I preach that the path to follow should end with you,
I never once walk the thoughts I believe to be my senses.
I regret the days thinking that night is day and day will always have its ways,
But to realize the night is my actualization of daylight.
For now I seek to begin a life where day light shines,
But happiness of the past unfolds at odd moments of time,
Taught to follow what's right to come to know what's wrong,
Whether to change that path, one will never know.

As another chapter closes, another begins to write itself,
Will I create a story referencing my past?
Which road should I take to learn my longing does not begin at far?
Will I come to the end learning that my life bores the pain with untended scars?
Find I will but found I will not be,
Just have to wait till the day my end will seek for me.
Justify my thoughts now, will you not?
As much as I want to be the keeper of my sanity,
It is not for me to say as time predicts the matter at bay.