Saturday, June 21, 2008


Shadows slim, walking every corner of the walls of my room
As rained poured long and hard outside my window of life
Hear the thunder storm banging loudly in the greyish skies,
Wonder when it falls to earth in a hard quake like
Treasures unfold in my mind to keep
The fiery moon kept the sun complimented
But the stars a far distance for the soul to relate
But then its brightness kept shinning down to earth

A stepping stone at the edges of the water bank
Sat a lively bird singing praises to the windy night
Thunder strike, it was kept safe from sight,
It sat majestically without doubt in the world
I smiled of the sight of its wings at its sides
Of that sound of a high note reached perfectly in tune
I wish I was that bird of freedom known and relief from the worseness dread of the world
Knowing no harm from surroundings
Just free to roam the earth from the north to the south
Gently flapping my wings up North beyond the northern lights
Out of sight again from the world known popular for the night

Wind blew stirring endless whirly winds around my yard
A spirit is near but so far yet to touch
Clutches my heart was fear of that dreadful moment
Where the earth will stumble in the hands of the Almighty above
Leaving a storm finishing the earth with its strongest moment
I dread the day of the earth’s independence from the rotation around the sun
Where earth no longer meet the moon and the sun as the angry eye
Melted away the living, the dead raised to see the shinny spot of heavens above
The ray of light so beautiful as it shines through the clouds
Kept the spirit wondering of what’s life after death to come next
Joining the sea of doubts were the tears of a troubled soul

Mesmerizing the moments of its past
To the deep end of that sacred heart that left unfold
Joyful moments gave in to a grey spot where black and white doesn’t matter any longer
The loafer’s soul unworthy to be kept lingering
Taken away were its memories and its sins so highly unaffectionate
Gone were the moments of being and becoming
Unfinished businesses were fulfilled and time to crossover
Last goodbye to the earth, floating towards darkness forever
Smile to the earth where heavens no longer stay separated

Come into the hands of angels who give you a roam of the enchanted land
Take a pick of the countless rooms where Romans stepped foot into
The French who took part in the dine and wine
The Italians babbled tenderness and romance
The Greeks took part in their daily routines in the symposium
The Asians aside lingering in the midst of the conversations
The rest sat around with wine and water and grapes and apples
Now what a delightful site it is with Gabriel at the podium
Joined in by Ezekiel and the others
God stood hand in hand with the successors of the earth
Now dreams could only be dreams with reality at its side
Wake to the morning while the rain still pours
Wake to the sun that rises and sets in the dusk