Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Parished Woman

The life of a woman has been vanquished,
No more does she know of grace and virtue,
No more does she know of gratitude and kindness,
No more does she know the meaning of true laughter.

Before days have passed she knew no trouble,
Forbidden to see the devilish of men,
Today, before her eyes, evil rest upon her.
Making the days hard to understand for her own purpose.

Touches are tame,
Touches knew no nonsense,
Grace within a woman,
Knew not a man of foolishness.

Raging words fired through her mouth,
Nonsense within conspicuous as it sounds,
Through it all she failed all she had,
Was eternal foolishness she now knows somehow.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Influenced to be written by a friend who is going through a time of sorrow.

Bring me an angel, who sings of mercy and kindness,
The angel who brought the hidden stars away from the universe,
The angel who converse of a speech of a romantic novel,
The angel who brought life to a table of speechlessness.

I want to stand on a cliff that looks to the ocean,
To dream of life of its bitterness and sweetness,
To taste freedom within a distance,
To seek freedom among the voices of the silent ocean.

An angel who speaks of forever,
Of endless cries of happiness,
Of endless calls for joyfulness,
A dream came through from the eyes of the angel.

Weakness falls upon the strength of togetherness,
Light the fire that pales the endless darkness,
Forever seemed far from a cry of sorrow,
Tomorrow’s voice will never be heard, ever.

Spread my wings I want to fly,
Up to the mountains where my name’s craved.
To the earth and back,
To the moon and around,
Sing my angel as it will never hurt till now.
Break your wings, stomp it hard,
I never want to see a single frown.
Break your voice, soar your throat,
Forever has now been an endless cry.