Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Lady that can’t be moved

She walked into the room as bright as day

Unknown to the world is her darkness kept within
Her thoughts shined through, her corruptions unknown
Just a light that made everyone calm to her sight and her sound 

Anger hidden between her eye lids
The answers known at her finger tips
Who is this lady hidden behind a smile
What will her name be? What will she be able to tell? 

As she glides through the crowd
Not giving a piece of her history to anyone around
Suspicious, mysterious, the like but never vivacious  
Behind that masks of laughter was another ones falter 

As the world around her fades
She descends into a pool of darkness
Fading was the smile, her sound of sweetness
Laughter fades, tension rises, but her eyes was still mesmerising 

She’s everyone, everyone fearful of her being to come
She’s nobody, but yet someone speak of her like a familiar sound
She’s somebody’s child, she was born without perfection
Now she stands on earth to her own satisfaction 

Who is this lady who cannot be moved?
She never moves to the rhythm of the earth
Never moves to the sound of the wind
Battling her scars without a moment to heal 

Who is this lady who cannot be allured?
Not away from her stance so firm
Not away from her thoughts so fragile
But there she stands battling her will to survive 

Who is this lady who cannot be told?
Of the stories her past revealed before her
Of the seasons passed without a sign of her breathless tears
But there she keeps fighting, her victory at sight 

This lady before the world cannot be moved
She cannot be swayed
Pass her troubles; there is always her smile at bay
This is her story without an ending.