Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Memories Robbed

The picture of us faded away.
It trimmed the edges of our shadows,
What does it mean, oh what does this mean?
All the thoughts I had all faded away!

Common cry for the nature so blind.
Could it be that after dark I'll forget ever walking this path?
Oh shadows please have mercy on my dying heart,
My dreams once complete but now the shadows torn them apart.

In a dark room with a pen and a paper,
Trying to write what has been lingering in my mind,
There is nothing, no memories of sort for me to savor,
A sad goodbye to years of a beautiful reality left forgotten.

I see myself struggling in the hands of time,
Trying to remember our every moment for awhile,
All the days we shared with memories made to keep,
But now the shadows came and robbed them away.

Forsaken was my trust in the future to come,
Just knowing that memories are easily taken away,
Trust no longer speak of it's meaning in my everyday,
As tomorrow comes, my memories will be once again burn to dust.