Thursday, December 01, 2011

Her Story

The cries, the untouched songs in the memory of her past
In awakening of the truth came the echo of her strife
When will she learn, when will the fight end for her to surrender?
Till the moments fade, she'll never learn what was truly inside.

A love so pure once given to her by a heart so willing
Never did it ask for salvation but a mirror of her insatiable being
The entire scene was a crime waiting to be solved
But the witness now walked away with the evidence never to be found.

His conscience playing a mind game with a pure heart
Shattered was the hour glass as the mirror fogged up with his betrayal
The ocean flooded with the tears of anxiety of a crying heart
No where to be found was the charity of a heart that was once pure white.

Darkness cluttered the horizon as the sun failed to show its ray of colours
The moon descended only to peep through the clouds of disaccord
Truly there is still a mindful person who is a guardian to a pure heart
'Where is he now?' she asked standing at the edge of nothingness.

Stung once and she learnt never to trust again
Come twice and she'll start to fade away
The angels cried to her one night to surrender and retract
But her heart was too vain to close its doors from the matter at hand

An unforgiving heart never finds a way to forgive a dying soul
Clenched to her fist was her sorrows that will never find a home
She chose not to vacate for the opportunity of a new beginning
Instead she walked through the darkness endlessly to search for its ending.

Whose fault is it now, who is to blame?
Can't she tell that the burden was not for her to keep
As I count the days her sadness far too many
I pray that my life seeks forgiveness and never choose the life in vain.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Know my days, I'm counting down the hour of your soul as it fades
Walk alone through the darkness; the light dimmed from the distance
Switch my memories off, my soul rested ashore
Count on you now, my child, what can you bring for my all?

Your favorite tune, shallow as it sounds, was my voice
Calling your name, you cared too much of how it sounds
Walk alone now, go towards the sea where the breeze meets your end
Walk towards the edge, my soul should now be content

Fewer known moments of my screams towards your presence
Through the mirror; it shattered from your face
Can you see my tears of sorrow screaming out for attention?
No wait, you are at a distance looking in where I'm standing

Trust you know my feelings of anger towards your own
Lose my temper, search within, my tenderness subsided
My eagerness unheard; my wish list never had much thought of
Will the key I hold unfolds the emptiness upon your death?

What's troubling you, my child, what are you thinking?
Are you thinking that tomorrow is moments away?
Think of the memory you destroyed; the charity you've done in vain
What will love be but a touch of grimace never tender grace...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Your Gravity

Changing lanes, life takes off, but my memories remained
Lock the doors, change the locks, and never want it again,
Turn around, walk straight ahead, you are too far fetch to reach
Be alone, cry for me, draw me into your gravity, but never rain upon me.

Between the lines, you stood nowhere near me.
Neither right nor left; had you stand unheard
Nothing here to hold on to, till I found a way back to the beginning
Calling out, but no one heard me, the last time now, I'm fading...

Can one be the center of attention to a soulful being?
Not wanting to feel, to hold, nor to endeavour.
Just wanting to be lost in the moment and be found in an instant
Never want to fall into a hole to be forgotten

What should I do, to feel, to hold, but never to be attached?
Can I be self-detached from my sanity and fall into your gravity?
To be honest to my heart, to be honest to your soul, but never honest to your truth
One day in time, life will fall into place through the gravity of your home.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My heart craved for the time to let go
To a place unseen or unheard of
Opportunity awaits to see it being deserted
What for? I asked over and over.

A tragedy within a sane mind, oh how much it hurts
Through the pain came kindness but then it went away
How does one cope with the brutal betrayal of kindness?
Why does one even hope for a light at the end of the tunnel?

My judgement forsaken me, brought me to an endless qualm
Of endless nights, late mornings, and a sacred sanctuary
My doubt lies in the soul of a creation now destroyed
Give me back my freedom, oh I beg thee, give me back my soul

As I cry my heart out, show me mercy for tomorrow's coming
Tragedy end, please make me see the sun shinning
My heart sore bearing moments of equivocal uncertainty
Lay my heart to rest, oh please let it be...

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


My life is full of painted pictures of different scenes
Waiting for him to choose a picture he wants to be in
Chosen a picture of a distant character unknown
Begin the life of us which was terrible to follow

The functionality of my grace unheard of
Pierce the very corners of his guarded soul
For centuries untold was the creation of the picture
Now it fell in his hands in rapid rapture

The distance kept was never forseen as sincere
Through rough moments, dishonesty became its narrator
Hence the moment of unwilling circumstances
Causes the heartache of unworthy moments

Jumble the thoughts of a momentary rough story
As fate came searching for a torturous wound left forgotten
Could it be best if this story is left forgotten?
Or is this picture telling a thousand words that should never be heard?

Chosen picture unveiled for the soul to be touched
Torture for days was the soul seeking for its rights in his heart
Belonging was a moment too soon for the scatchy painting
Tomorrow shows its blues for the world to see its failings

Connect the scenery and unfold is the picture of tomorrow
Constrast to his heart the picture told of lives revolving his trust
Can he see that its never left the scenery where it began?
Can he see that with touches of memorable moments will review its secrets once again...