Saturday, August 28, 2010

Will You Stay?

If I wrote my life down on paper,
Would you stay?
Would you run away?
Where time will tell the distance.

If I tell you my nightmares,
Would you stay?
Would you keep my nighmares away?
Or carry it together with your myseries?

If I tell you my worries,
Would you stay?
Would you tell another soul?
Baring the thought of me letting go.

If I tell you about my wholesomeness,
Would you stay?
Would you keep it for another day?
Or would you fight to see my horrific cries?

If it's necessary I'll tell you my way,
My lonely ways of living life for another day,
Now will you stay?
Or will you run just like every other did?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful moments set a sail for another day,
Could it be that in doubt there's where I find my memories,
The ocean sings its tune with the help of its breeze,
The bottom of its depth lies the tenderness of all that was meant to be.

Just one sight of faith, oh can I see,
Glance to the chapter of love and eternity.
Longing for a shot with the moment of truth,
When it comes, oh why do I forget of its scared heart?

Beauty, is it just a memory of a nonsensical word?
To lie ahead, so close to the edge of the earth.
If time travels pass, what would my past be like?
Would love slip ahead of time to set my dreams straight?

The joy of one's true moment can never be read.
What if life stays a memory trapped in an hour glass?
Will memories fade when times fade to the unknown?
or will memories portray itself in the future untold?

Referencing the past was my weakness,
History was my soul searching moment.
Counting the days of endless and confusing dreams,
Could it be that the hour glass was never once there for me?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Here Comes Goodbye

Tomorrow is just a word till it comes to stay
I can see it in my eyes the truth I held inside
Beside was my memories torn and wondering why
Now asleep was my head, my mind to rest

Why was it never heard or said
That life's troubles wounded unfound a cure
If I wish for the pain to stay again
Will the wounds heal and my memory then fade away

Yesterday, today and now tomorrow
But here comes goodbye
Now it will never fade away
As the memory came but vanish before I could even speak

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dark Angel

My life was drawn to a dream of a dark angel
Seeking the world with no hope but aching anger
Life to be seen in darkness the world condemned of its truth
But why me? Oh now I see, my birth was a lie it became forgotten

So be it now the lies within conquered my imagination
To hell I go with my sword held hight with likely war begin to unfold
I ceased the day of my final wrath
I slay the devil in my birth came so suddenly

Frightening how the world believe in happy endings and heavenly peace
My dark angel relinquish the darkest side of things
Now I see the world burnt to ashes and its souls yield in hunger
For truth to be told, but wrath just came and swept them off their shaking feet

To form a life knowing darkness is at sight
To abandon light was what my angel did in fright
Shinning star, oh what nonsense could come of it
Said my angel now, "come rest in peace"