Monday, April 25, 2011

Your Gravity

Changing lanes, life takes off, but my memories remained
Lock the doors, change the locks, and never want it again,
Turn around, walk straight ahead, you are too far fetch to reach
Be alone, cry for me, draw me into your gravity, but never rain upon me.

Between the lines, you stood nowhere near me.
Neither right nor left; had you stand unheard
Nothing here to hold on to, till I found a way back to the beginning
Calling out, but no one heard me, the last time now, I'm fading...

Can one be the center of attention to a soulful being?
Not wanting to feel, to hold, nor to endeavour.
Just wanting to be lost in the moment and be found in an instant
Never want to fall into a hole to be forgotten

What should I do, to feel, to hold, but never to be attached?
Can I be self-detached from my sanity and fall into your gravity?
To be honest to my heart, to be honest to your soul, but never honest to your truth
One day in time, life will fall into place through the gravity of your home.