Saturday, December 25, 2010

The normal heart beat of the tender heart
Oh I don't understand the sight of lust
For love come moments of peace
But for truth, the end found its residence naturally

Ponding on a secret unfold through the sense of time
Came along were challenges understood by you and I
Why then am I holding on to justice unjustified?
Can it be that memories is a soulful thought only within ones mind?

From the depth of the sea to the moment of a beating heart
Can I truly believe your wonders for it seemed vague to me
For love speaks its mind through the window of your eyes
Why then have I forsaken the truth you told and believed your only lies?

No longer tendering the soul of a precious mortal
Skillful as it seems but my wonders ceasing forever
A picture speaks a thousand words, oh so it seems
But faded memories is what I always long to believe.

I'm a lie living in your reality of my fragmented dreams,
Whisper were words heard only by the saint within me.
You shown me exhaustion by taking me through the journey of your mind
I need to stop before my aching heart turns into a breath of sigh.

Endorsing the moment of an inclining heart ache
Can't you see I live a lie only for you to be the truth
Your selfishness became my playground of indulgence
Only to be sold to the dream catcher from a periodic moment.

If I close my eyes tonight only to wake from this dream
Say goodbye to the memories of you and me held deeply within
Will you tell a single soul to commemorate my misery?
Will you challenge the thought of us to make it an 'I' for your own being?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Running through an ocean of ancient love,
My courage painted a simple truth,
The barring of my eternal life went back to my beginnings,
To the beginning of my created life unheard.

The damage of my courageous life unsung,
Till the day the sun rises just to set on my aching heart,
Can life be this honest to a sorrowful soul?
Damaged the positiveness of the outlook through ones eyes.

The dedication of music from a heartless soul,
Can this be forgiven from the bottom of a purist heart?
For once it cried in shame for the sins it claimed,
Forgiveness seek but none given in fear of shame.

Generation comes and goes to be forgiven all the same,
What's the difference with what I am and what I've not become?
Can one tell me the difference between the ocean and its breeze?
Didn't they come with similar taste in the music they bring?

The far end of my claim to entry into life,
Is the being of a soul less superficial in its light,
For once I'll lay my pen to rest in justice of its might
Will it write again will depend of the occassional fright.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creation started the sight for goodbyes,
Tomorrow within was the fight of fright,
Justified was the moment of falsehood, never the truth,
Counsel the foreign soul but what's the point in the matter?

Just tomorrow the human race begins its struggles,
Paradise alone never shown to the face of the earth,
Screaming in pain were souls waiting to be set free,
Will the sun shines its ray of light to the freedom insight?

For the sake of being, will you turn upwards for survival?
For tomorrow's breath will be the breath for revival.
Could it be that, eye to eye we see the true nature of hatred?
And now our being will question the matter of creation.

For fairness, it screamed to be left alone,
For creation, once bound to be forgotten,
Tears of momenta scrutinised its very beginnings,
As the end is now so clear to be seen.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Will You Stay?

If I wrote my life down on paper,
Would you stay?
Would you run away?
Where time will tell the distance.

If I tell you my nightmares,
Would you stay?
Would you keep my nighmares away?
Or carry it together with your myseries?

If I tell you my worries,
Would you stay?
Would you tell another soul?
Baring the thought of me letting go.

If I tell you about my wholesomeness,
Would you stay?
Would you keep it for another day?
Or would you fight to see my horrific cries?

If it's necessary I'll tell you my way,
My lonely ways of living life for another day,
Now will you stay?
Or will you run just like every other did?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beautiful moments set a sail for another day,
Could it be that in doubt there's where I find my memories,
The ocean sings its tune with the help of its breeze,
The bottom of its depth lies the tenderness of all that was meant to be.

Just one sight of faith, oh can I see,
Glance to the chapter of love and eternity.
Longing for a shot with the moment of truth,
When it comes, oh why do I forget of its scared heart?

Beauty, is it just a memory of a nonsensical word?
To lie ahead, so close to the edge of the earth.
If time travels pass, what would my past be like?
Would love slip ahead of time to set my dreams straight?

The joy of one's true moment can never be read.
What if life stays a memory trapped in an hour glass?
Will memories fade when times fade to the unknown?
or will memories portray itself in the future untold?

Referencing the past was my weakness,
History was my soul searching moment.
Counting the days of endless and confusing dreams,
Could it be that the hour glass was never once there for me?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Here Comes Goodbye

Tomorrow is just a word till it comes to stay
I can see it in my eyes the truth I held inside
Beside was my memories torn and wondering why
Now asleep was my head, my mind to rest

Why was it never heard or said
That life's troubles wounded unfound a cure
If I wish for the pain to stay again
Will the wounds heal and my memory then fade away

Yesterday, today and now tomorrow
But here comes goodbye
Now it will never fade away
As the memory came but vanish before I could even speak

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dark Angel

My life was drawn to a dream of a dark angel
Seeking the world with no hope but aching anger
Life to be seen in darkness the world condemned of its truth
But why me? Oh now I see, my birth was a lie it became forgotten

So be it now the lies within conquered my imagination
To hell I go with my sword held hight with likely war begin to unfold
I ceased the day of my final wrath
I slay the devil in my birth came so suddenly

Frightening how the world believe in happy endings and heavenly peace
My dark angel relinquish the darkest side of things
Now I see the world burnt to ashes and its souls yield in hunger
For truth to be told, but wrath just came and swept them off their shaking feet

To form a life knowing darkness is at sight
To abandon light was what my angel did in fright
Shinning star, oh what nonsense could come of it
Said my angel now, "come rest in peace"

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flowers on his grave,
What meaning can I gain?
Till the earth passes by its days,
I meant no heart feelings within.

Moments passed and his cries still heard,
No one knows besides me.
I cried for moments aching for acception,
But what I saw was just a moment of deception.

Trust my love will be sent to him,
In heaven now his soul has wondered to.
For a moment there I saw his face,
As now it vanished day by day.

Can the flowers laid on the ground be given to him,
He deserved a thropy of honour and compassion.
With his life dedicated to everyone near him,
Could life be once again touched by a true angel like him?

Monday, June 28, 2010

What lies ahead was my trouble worth no patience,
To the wounds of love that kept me alive at night,
I couldn't feel the difference between suffering and a fight,
What's more to life when it ceased to teach longanimour.

To continue that journey down the gates of humanity,
What keeps the candle shinning in the sight of death?
My tender heart wonders to the depth of moments unseen,
Moments of unanimity of judegment by securement.

Commemorate justice to its death brought sadness to the world,
No longer frowning but just the seclusions of your curse,
To the truth lies burried between emotions and hate,
Was the world now standing still till the nearest end?

I write of justice, of ends, of suffering, never love,
What's the purpose of tenderness when benevolence unheard?
Love comes at the end of the beginning of solidarity,
By far my troubles hold the sight of emotions blend.

Bypass the gates of all knowing and the controlling,
Destruction strikes as it comes undefended,
For tomorrow's moans will be uncovered by my sorrows,
Curses blown, soaking up the emptiness of rebellions.

Understanding the fear of life and its condolences,
Troublemakers stir the land of eventful disasters.
To be with power was once acted upon courage,
The genuine truth of power has now been vaguely explained.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maker's Breath

The air breathes her name, so pure and enlightening,
The air seeks the truth of the pain in its sufferings.
Above there's war, below suffers now its wrath.
Time will show the mistakes made by the Maker's blood bled on the Earth.

May night be the center of darkness and the corner of dusk,
Just when does twilight shows its greatest when seek?
Through the breath of the Maker was the world once whole,
Now it shambles, it was cursed but never seem to understand its wonders.

The seed found its land, but the fruit may not grow,
Treasures once seek left unfound on the surface of the Earth,
But the time will show, that the Maker's treasures are meant to be kept sacred,
From the world that only knows material is the desire of the mind and soul.

Lightning strikes down at the heart of the forbidden fruit,
Growth came but sin took the soul of the crying heart.
The world needs more than ever, charity and forgiveness shown,
By Heaven's breath will one seek its path of eternal growth.

The hands of justice fallen to the one who seeks,
The one who hides, may the sword of treason fall upon its swelling feet.
Justice made and reinvented the life after death,
But would one know the outcome once taken its last breath.

Position the mind to seek out its craving knowledge,
But lust and gluttony showed the wounded so vulnerable within.
Treasures, oh how magnificent have it shown how one can get,
But will happiness come, now that the question is at hand.

Maker's mercy be upon the one who dares question its full being,
Its wealth and knowledge can never be known by reasoning,
It was once known of its power to magnify ones sinful well-being,
But forsake the love once so great but only to be destroyed by treachery.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I seek therefore I found,
The truth lies between the darkest of site,
For once I saw the being I learnt to loathe,
Was beautiful but can never comprehend the very existence of thoughts.
For nights I listen to the sounds of ancient sermons,
For once I feel the soul baring a moment of endurance,
Truth be told but lost in translation,
Where do you go whenever the sign turn towards your forgotten moments?

I preach that the path to follow should end with you,
I never once walk the thoughts I believe to be my senses.
I regret the days thinking that night is day and day will always have its ways,
But to realize the night is my actualization of daylight.
For now I seek to begin a life where day light shines,
But happiness of the past unfolds at odd moments of time,
Taught to follow what's right to come to know what's wrong,
Whether to change that path, one will never know.

As another chapter closes, another begins to write itself,
Will I create a story referencing my past?
Which road should I take to learn my longing does not begin at far?
Will I come to the end learning that my life bores the pain with untended scars?
Find I will but found I will not be,
Just have to wait till the day my end will seek for me.
Justify my thoughts now, will you not?
As much as I want to be the keeper of my sanity,
It is not for me to say as time predicts the matter at bay.