Friday, September 16, 2005

LDP - Speed Limit

I'm not sure how far this is true but please do take note, you wouldn't want to be caught just like that right?!


Dear All,


Please note that effective today the LDP highway speed limit will be monitored by the CCTV. The speed limit is 90 kmh and if you go above that at 91 kmh, the camera will auto record and pass to police.

The few identified areas where the CCTV is monitoring are as follows:

1) on the overhead pedestrian bridge in front of Kelana Jaya LRT station, monitoring the straight stretch

2) Somewhere near Western Digital (CCTV might be on Western Digital), monitoring the straight stretch in front of the Kelana Jaya Seafood

3) On IKEA, Monitoring straight stretch in front of IKEA and 1 Utama

4) On the double overhead bridge, monitoring the stretch between the Puchong toll and the Federal Highway turnoff.

5) In the tunnel near SS2 (please note that the speed limit is 60 kmh, not 90 kmh) Please let your friends know.

Please note.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Forever (Poem)

Forever found a way to turn its back on me,
I cried knowing the fact this is all it seems,
No matter how hard I try to find a scene,
It never will fit both you and me.

It’s gruesome,
I know,
But I never stop to wonder.
My life was shattered almost in an instance.
Forever came and gone once again.
On September night,
Right after your smile fades away.

What I really meant to say,
Is that I’m sorry I ever said,
I am who I am in your eyes,
I am what I am in your sight.
What I wish I could say,
Is that I’m sorry that it comes a day,
Where forever tumble off its way,
Back in the month of May,
Where it all started in dismay.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Forever - never will happen

I sat on my bed and wondered; what life may be like when one speaks of “forever”. I have not known “forever” in context of being in a relationship, but after knowing him and having the chance of a life time, I finally saw “forever” in his eyes. However, what I wished I could have “forever” will never come true as religion is seen to be the biggest barrier for the relationship to go on.

In the book that I was reading, about the women of China, I came across a chapter where a woman was heart broken to know that after four years of infatuating her one true love and awaiting for his arrival after a long time of separation, just came to find out that he was engaged to another in a reunion party. I was just thinking to myself, if one sees “forever” and feels “forever”, one’s hopes and dreams can be shattered “forever” when things does not work out in the future.

I feel insecure all over again tonight, just to know the fact that “forever” could only be seen in his eyes but the love that needs nurturing will somehow stop in the matter of years to come. When you once thought you will be holding and cherishing a lover so dearly to you for life, but somehow, the fact of being together “forever” will only have a slight chance of being granted.

During lunch today, I found out that I was one of the happiest woman on earth sitting in front of my love while dinning Chinese cuisine with him. Just love the way he uses his chopsticks while trying his best to pick up the vegetables from the dishes. Can I have that view “forever”? I love it when he tries so hard to speak a word of Chinese and it never fails to make me laugh my senses off, but, could I have that “forever”? Sometimes in life, what’s before you can seem to be beautiful, but what stays ugly is that to know the fact that it’s just momentarily or temporary beauty before you to admire and cherish.

I don’t want to be a victim of a life-time heartache. I wouldn’t even want the clock to tick the very next moment to tell me that it is a minute to the next hour. I don’t want time to fly when I’m with him, or have his goodbyes said to me like it meant an end to an afternoon meeting. I just want time to freeze its ticking when we are alone; just want him all to myself in a room and most of all, I want to know that he can give me “forever”.

Forever” can be seen as a word that does not holds faithful to its meaning. When one speaks of "forever", she/he means for all future time. However, when I speak of something to be “forever”, what I really meant it to be is that it only holds memories of what will be temporal in reality but will stay ever lasting in the corner of my mind.