Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maker's Breath

The air breathes her name, so pure and enlightening,
The air seeks the truth of the pain in its sufferings.
Above there's war, below suffers now its wrath.
Time will show the mistakes made by the Maker's blood bled on the Earth.

May night be the center of darkness and the corner of dusk,
Just when does twilight shows its greatest when seek?
Through the breath of the Maker was the world once whole,
Now it shambles, it was cursed but never seem to understand its wonders.

The seed found its land, but the fruit may not grow,
Treasures once seek left unfound on the surface of the Earth,
But the time will show, that the Maker's treasures are meant to be kept sacred,
From the world that only knows material is the desire of the mind and soul.

Lightning strikes down at the heart of the forbidden fruit,
Growth came but sin took the soul of the crying heart.
The world needs more than ever, charity and forgiveness shown,
By Heaven's breath will one seek its path of eternal growth.

The hands of justice fallen to the one who seeks,
The one who hides, may the sword of treason fall upon its swelling feet.
Justice made and reinvented the life after death,
But would one know the outcome once taken its last breath.

Position the mind to seek out its craving knowledge,
But lust and gluttony showed the wounded so vulnerable within.
Treasures, oh how magnificent have it shown how one can get,
But will happiness come, now that the question is at hand.

Maker's mercy be upon the one who dares question its full being,
Its wealth and knowledge can never be known by reasoning,
It was once known of its power to magnify ones sinful well-being,
But forsake the love once so great but only to be destroyed by treachery.