Friday, October 05, 2007

What I am Feeling Now

I drifted into a dream of unknown,
The light has my soul shattered and my heart turned into stone,
How do I express these feelings within me?
Even if I could, he wouldn't look my way anyhow.

Just yesterday my realities seemed like a dream,
Today reality hit so hard that my heart hurts deeply.
My dreams were ghostly and filled with eternal screams,
My heart aches just by the site of his face.

Close that door to my endless tears,
My fears kept closely to me all these years,
I cried my hardest when I am alone,
My dreams were kept close but my sanity afloat.

His voice just like music sang to my ears,
I never want the both of us to be together.
Catch that moment and hide it forever,
Angel, come close! Calm my soul of endless dears.

Another site, another voice, another song, another day,
I want to dance along with the tune he always play,
Bring me back to the day we first met,
Where our minds and wonders read.

As I fall asleep at night, I will be dreaming of him,
Hand in hand, heart to heart, his face resting beside mine.
Challenge the thought of us ever being together,
I don't care as our memories are ours to keep.