Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Life is not coming back to me
It’s gone now, tomorrow is where I’ll need to believe
Life is tremendous but out of reach
Calm as the sea, my soul to rest but not by me

The sacrifice I made, tarnished
Held on to my life was my dignity and pride
Cause of pain truly was unfortunate
But that leaves me room to learn from my mistakes

Never would have thought my eyes can see the tardiness of happiness
Till it’s here, now it’s too late to salvage its kindness
Once treated as being cruel, mistake written in stone
Non erasable is the tarnished I felt, and the heartache inflicted

Come to me now the light through the darkness
Help me see, help me salvage my pride
Through the horizon there will always be a place of happiness
Reach it, I shall with the help of true benevolence

Time will never tell when my destiny will arrive
No distance will tell how far my faith initiates
Bottomless pit was how my dignity felt through the days of enragement
But will tomorrow show the path of righteousness? Who will truly know?