Sunday, March 30, 2014

Falling to Pieces

The dearest moments are the ones left forgotten
Went through the sequence of my story of rememberance
Through the context of the pages of my life I once agreed on
Can words disappear from ones life so suddenly?
Can memories not create a life worth living?
No, now why can't I write the story of my life?
My experience of life once on paper, shambled from its rights
Why would music stop playing in my world?
Why would beauty stopped at a distance? 
My mind clouded from doings of yesterday.
My voice could not sing the melody of kindness and grace no longer
Two steps ahead, forward once, now two steps back
That's how my head feels every moment of the day
This bluriness of the rights to my life,
I couldn't tell which came to sight, which lingered away...
They say the human mind is a complicated place to be in
I mingled around with my shadows in the world without its tempo
The first light now gone, I couldn't find its emotions.
Once again I feel my world is just lost without the heart beat of another
How should I exist?
Would the existance of others complement the world around me?
What if my heart and soul is a lonely island on its own?
Without the need to float on emotions and intelligence of every human being I know...
I am the soul seeker, the eternal burden of my life alone
I am the reaper of my own supplies of beauty and darkness around
I am the giver of every breath I need to survive in this forsaken island
I am the believer in every dreams, in ever day, in ever moment I created
I am falling into pieces without the chance for redemption.