Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Dream within A Dream

I saw the memory of a warrior once lost in war,
He couldn't recall where he first came into it all.
Within his dream there was the dream of eternal peace,
But he can never fulfill what was within it.

For once he cried the tears of mercy,
For once knowing he came to a point of no return,
The roads that he traveled seemed distant from all,
His reality crumbled just to watch himself fall.

The voice in his heart strong but yet weak,
What was the voice saying, he could not speak of it.
Never once he knew how she felt,
The day he left in order to follow his assuming heart.

She always lingered but never there,
Fear the day she'll leave just to make him lose what was never there.
The fear so familiar as of his enemies,
This was her without intentions known to fear.

That warrior came back for a little while,
Just to see her passing him by,
Not knowing who he was but a distance memory,
Just like his dream within a dream... full of endless miseries.