Saturday, December 25, 2010

The normal heart beat of the tender heart
Oh I don't understand the sight of lust
For love come moments of peace
But for truth, the end found its residence naturally

Ponding on a secret unfold through the sense of time
Came along were challenges understood by you and I
Why then am I holding on to justice unjustified?
Can it be that memories is a soulful thought only within ones mind?

From the depth of the sea to the moment of a beating heart
Can I truly believe your wonders for it seemed vague to me
For love speaks its mind through the window of your eyes
Why then have I forsaken the truth you told and believed your only lies?

No longer tendering the soul of a precious mortal
Skillful as it seems but my wonders ceasing forever
A picture speaks a thousand words, oh so it seems
But faded memories is what I always long to believe.

I'm a lie living in your reality of my fragmented dreams,
Whisper were words heard only by the saint within me.
You shown me exhaustion by taking me through the journey of your mind
I need to stop before my aching heart turns into a breath of sigh.

Endorsing the moment of an inclining heart ache
Can't you see I live a lie only for you to be the truth
Your selfishness became my playground of indulgence
Only to be sold to the dream catcher from a periodic moment.

If I close my eyes tonight only to wake from this dream
Say goodbye to the memories of you and me held deeply within
Will you tell a single soul to commemorate my misery?
Will you challenge the thought of us to make it an 'I' for your own being?