Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Know my days, I'm counting down the hour of your soul as it fades
Walk alone through the darkness; the light dimmed from the distance
Switch my memories off, my soul rested ashore
Count on you now, my child, what can you bring for my all?

Your favorite tune, shallow as it sounds, was my voice
Calling your name, you cared too much of how it sounds
Walk alone now, go towards the sea where the breeze meets your end
Walk towards the edge, my soul should now be content

Fewer known moments of my screams towards your presence
Through the mirror; it shattered from your face
Can you see my tears of sorrow screaming out for attention?
No wait, you are at a distance looking in where I'm standing

Trust you know my feelings of anger towards your own
Lose my temper, search within, my tenderness subsided
My eagerness unheard; my wish list never had much thought of
Will the key I hold unfolds the emptiness upon your death?

What's troubling you, my child, what are you thinking?
Are you thinking that tomorrow is moments away?
Think of the memory you destroyed; the charity you've done in vain
What will love be but a touch of grimace never tender grace...