Thursday, March 19, 2009

Truth and Lies

Lies within the sacred heart,
Oh how delicate the world is.
A flower blossoms on summer’s night,
A child’s been taught what’s wrong or right.

Tomorrow’s troubles became today’s fear,
Of sorrow within, happiness disappears.
Tell me now, oh sweet child, what have you learn?
What is it about life that brought to your concern?

A mother’s womb speaks the future of the world,
But on its very own, life tends to swirl and twirl.
On his own, dreams come true but never will be fulfilled,
When the day comes, he’ll know the truth for real.

Seek within your heart, one will always be told,
But what is it we’ll find when we were never preached upon?
Can one’s true heart be on the edge of forgiveness?
When just one very simple lie tore the truth out of its sockets.

Can it be that humans rely on instincts to speak the truth?
Or lies are told for shelter he seeks in its roots?
Can it be that humans preach god-fearing sermons?
But the truth comes only at the end of one’s purpose.

Oh sweet child, tell the angel the truth for your being,
Condemned your soul will be if a lie turns out to be a truth never told.
Sit on a bench on the golden field,
Now feel the world turn its back upon you for a truth never revealed.