Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time passes and a person changes its path a thousand times
To a million places he tried to find the meaning of life
To a place now familiar with the passion of the deepest meanings
There is where he found peace to himself, his soul so alive

To the end of the earth his true love lies
The meaning of live so strange to him at times
Walking through the moments of pure isolation
He found his way to a secret place call tranquility at its best

Remembered when the time he tried to say goodbye
Through the crowd, his love aside
He whispered to the wind, the moment lost his trust
Precious moments never once found even though he tried

Through the pain, the sufferings bid him well
He now lies in the sea of hope when tomorrow arrives
Bed of flowers was his favourite resting ground
As he sees the sun sets and rise to the end of time.