Monday, June 28, 2010

What lies ahead was my trouble worth no patience,
To the wounds of love that kept me alive at night,
I couldn't feel the difference between suffering and a fight,
What's more to life when it ceased to teach longanimour.

To continue that journey down the gates of humanity,
What keeps the candle shinning in the sight of death?
My tender heart wonders to the depth of moments unseen,
Moments of unanimity of judegment by securement.

Commemorate justice to its death brought sadness to the world,
No longer frowning but just the seclusions of your curse,
To the truth lies burried between emotions and hate,
Was the world now standing still till the nearest end?

I write of justice, of ends, of suffering, never love,
What's the purpose of tenderness when benevolence unheard?
Love comes at the end of the beginning of solidarity,
By far my troubles hold the sight of emotions blend.

Bypass the gates of all knowing and the controlling,
Destruction strikes as it comes undefended,
For tomorrow's moans will be uncovered by my sorrows,
Curses blown, soaking up the emptiness of rebellions.

Understanding the fear of life and its condolences,
Troublemakers stir the land of eventful disasters.
To be with power was once acted upon courage,
The genuine truth of power has now been vaguely explained.