Monday, August 11, 2008

The moonlight shines into the waters of the dying earth,
The trees caught the breeze of the lonely winter,
The flower blossoms like a mother's first birth,
The ray of light came, portraying early summer.

The tender smile of a knight forced into desertion,
For once, were the eyes looking into damnation?
Favourable moments end into silence,
The silence broke the remaining darkness of brightness.

The angel cried, 'oh, help me great knight',
But night came into day only to steal its light,
Where the earth rumbles and the roots of the trees twitch,
Can that lovely evening once again surface?

Turn around was the angel who stared into darkness,
The knight waved farewell and left the place unimaginative,
For there will come a time that will happen in tomorrow,
Where the earth joins hands with heaven and hell left standing substantiative.