Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Dream within A Dream

I saw the memory of a warrior once lost in war,
He couldn't recall where he first came into it all.
Within his dream there was the dream of eternal peace,
But he can never fulfill what was within it.

For once he cried the tears of mercy,
For once knowing he came to a point of no return,
The roads that he traveled seemed distant from all,
His reality crumbled just to watch himself fall.

The voice in his heart strong but yet weak,
What was the voice saying, he could not speak of it.
Never once he knew how she felt,
The day he left in order to follow his assuming heart.

She always lingered but never there,
Fear the day she'll leave just to make him lose what was never there.
The fear so familiar as of his enemies,
This was her without intentions known to fear.

That warrior came back for a little while,
Just to see her passing him by,
Not knowing who he was but a distance memory,
Just like his dream within a dream... full of endless miseries.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Memories Robbed

The picture of us faded away.
It trimmed the edges of our shadows,
What does it mean, oh what does this mean?
All the thoughts I had all faded away!

Common cry for the nature so blind.
Could it be that after dark I'll forget ever walking this path?
Oh shadows please have mercy on my dying heart,
My dreams once complete but now the shadows torn them apart.

In a dark room with a pen and a paper,
Trying to write what has been lingering in my mind,
There is nothing, no memories of sort for me to savor,
A sad goodbye to years of a beautiful reality left forgotten.

I see myself struggling in the hands of time,
Trying to remember our every moment for awhile,
All the days we shared with memories made to keep,
But now the shadows came and robbed them away.

Forsaken was my trust in the future to come,
Just knowing that memories are easily taken away,
Trust no longer speak of it's meaning in my everyday,
As tomorrow comes, my memories will be once again burn to dust.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Truth and Lies

Lies within the sacred heart,
Oh how delicate the world is.
A flower blossoms on summer’s night,
A child’s been taught what’s wrong or right.

Tomorrow’s troubles became today’s fear,
Of sorrow within, happiness disappears.
Tell me now, oh sweet child, what have you learn?
What is it about life that brought to your concern?

A mother’s womb speaks the future of the world,
But on its very own, life tends to swirl and twirl.
On his own, dreams come true but never will be fulfilled,
When the day comes, he’ll know the truth for real.

Seek within your heart, one will always be told,
But what is it we’ll find when we were never preached upon?
Can one’s true heart be on the edge of forgiveness?
When just one very simple lie tore the truth out of its sockets.

Can it be that humans rely on instincts to speak the truth?
Or lies are told for shelter he seeks in its roots?
Can it be that humans preach god-fearing sermons?
But the truth comes only at the end of one’s purpose.

Oh sweet child, tell the angel the truth for your being,
Condemned your soul will be if a lie turns out to be a truth never told.
Sit on a bench on the golden field,
Now feel the world turn its back upon you for a truth never revealed.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Death, the irony to Life

Death, the irony of life,

Why can’t it leave without a trace?

Shattered moments to the living day of my last breath,

Change my soul as it shall seek its unforeseen happiness.

Grey as the time the sun fades its colours away,

The loving memory once lived but now left just in my train of thoughts.

Wishing well, oh, now tell me that no colour existed…

A tree stood still in the woods with lies from a confessor,

Beneath that branch was a history now lost amongst the real world,

Oh tell me now, sweet angel, who shall be next?

Call upon the gods of the heavens, have mercy on a peaceful soul,

Before it fades without recognition among the people it knows,

For once, listen to its words whole,

Judge fairly before deciding where its soul will go,

The existence phase after life where it couldn’t be told…