Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Running through an ocean of ancient love,
My courage painted a simple truth,
The barring of my eternal life went back to my beginnings,
To the beginning of my created life unheard.

The damage of my courageous life unsung,
Till the day the sun rises just to set on my aching heart,
Can life be this honest to a sorrowful soul?
Damaged the positiveness of the outlook through ones eyes.

The dedication of music from a heartless soul,
Can this be forgiven from the bottom of a purist heart?
For once it cried in shame for the sins it claimed,
Forgiveness seek but none given in fear of shame.

Generation comes and goes to be forgiven all the same,
What's the difference with what I am and what I've not become?
Can one tell me the difference between the ocean and its breeze?
Didn't they come with similar taste in the music they bring?

The far end of my claim to entry into life,
Is the being of a soul less superficial in its light,
For once I'll lay my pen to rest in justice of its might
Will it write again will depend of the occassional fright.