Friday, May 23, 2014

Sometimes I feel the days are hanging for something to happen
For the moments to blossom
For the darkness to fade away
To remember, to forget, to hold what is true to one's heart

Keeping time, trying to not let it slip away
Living in the moment, what's felt can be hurtful someday
Pieces of yesterday bites harder today
But when tomorrow comes, i'll be happier once again

Feels like tomorrow needs to be in the present for some reason
Can't it stay seperate from yesterday and never to come again?
I want to feel what today brings without the hang over tomorrow
Can today be the story I tell tomorrow about yesterday?

Time has its challenges, the happenings do not fade away
What tomorrow holds begin at it is today
Little by little as time passes by so quickly
My trueself faces together with my story of yesterday

With moments passed into the next hour
What happens then; what happens to the moments ago?
Were they forgotten, or kept in a sacred place?
Can I recall them - those memories once lived in the present?

Capture moments to remember and lock them somewhere safe
Somewhere within the memories, don't let them all escape
What if I forget the moments, what if I could never remember them?
What if it goes back being trapped in yesterday with no living in tomorrow?

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