Monday, December 16, 2013

Death of A Dream

I see you in my dreams
So clear, so pure
You sat just right next to me
Watching the sunset as it should be

I hear you speak to me
The voice crystal clear
Your head resting on my shoulders
You whispered your words right in my ears

You said you were tired
Sleep will do you good
But life has too much wonders
For you still to explore and discover

You said you were weak
You need to lie on the grass underneath the midday sun
Your heart beat quietly
Your breath slow, on tempo, all of a sudden it peaked

You asked ‘what do you think I should dream of?’
My reply, ‘I’ll never know after today.’
'But you have to have dreams for you to live the morrow,’
'For what, when you are not here to witness.’

Your eyes turned grey,
Your hair as white as snow,
You never understood my answers
Your questions never understood when asked

‘Then tomorrow may be a burden between you and me’
‘Yes it is,’ that’s the answer to be,
‘What do you feel today with me by your side?’
‘You left too soon, you are the air I can hardly breathe.’

We saw the sky turn grey,
It’s time now to say goodbye to yesterday
I looked into your eyes
A quizzical look shown on your face

‘Will you remember me?’ you asked
‘Tomorrow, yes, maybe... possibly’ I said
‘How about today?’
‘I can’t promise you, nor will I agree to say.’

You stood up and walk into the ocean
Floating in water, you dreamt of the life to come
Torn from reality and my dreams contained
I am now worried for once my love you’ll never comprehend.

Calm as the ocean, you drifted away to the horizons
Why aren’t I catching up, I never will know
All of a sudden, you stood up once again,
Turned back and looked my way.

‘Come into the ocean with me,
For our dreams will eternally be…
As I’m swept away, my dreams for you to keep
Be the gatekeeper, won’t you now, for our memories?’

Earth unfolds the miraculous being
Whether it belongs to you or me
Hidden from the earth, a soul left drifting
Darkness fold, now, where will it be heading?

It’s now my time to say goodbye
To the old feelings never to be felt at this time
As hours passed, my dreams remained kept within a part of me
As I said goodbye to the man of my eternity

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